Passionately Artistic.

I am obsessed with interpreting the world via color, shapes, and lines. I am always exploring ways to allow my inner artist an outlet.

Constantly Inspired.

I find inspiration everywhere — from other artists, everyday objects, signage, photos, textures, architecture, colors, and especially from practice.

Curiously Eclectic.

My art takes many different forms: acrylics, mixed media, watercolor, sketches, portraits, quilts, sewing, paper crafts, and occasional decor.

Join Me On My Artful Journey, Exploring the Medium du Jour.

Discover playful art techniques through my pursuit of creative happiness.


Awesome Works


Creative Attempts


Late Nights

If you're interested in purchasing an original artwork or a print, you can contact me any time.
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About Me

Hello and welcome!  Aside from some college classes which earned me a minor in art (to tag onto my business degree), and the random art classes I sign up for, I am a self-taught artist.  My recent focus has been painting as a creative pursuit; although I admit to having a bit of "creative ADD”.  My painting interests primarily started with acrylic paint and acrylic inks, but my curiosity continues to lead me to experiment with other media. I’m currently exploring watercolors and loving the journey.  I pretty much embody the concept of a Mixed Media Artist.  I’d love for you to take a look around my studio and see what you like; and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to commission me.  Thanks for stopping by!

artist self-portrait



From My Blog

Offering mixed media art play.
I have learned so much this week learning how to create a website.  It's interesting how it works, but I have to tell you, for a non-techy person, it's not always intuitive!  Stick with me, as I fumble my way around, and feel free to add comments!  I would love to hear from you.  I will be uploading a lot more art in the days to come, but in the meantime - enjoy the progress :).   Read more
I started a Round Robin a couple of years ago with friends and family. Each person makes a journal, decorates the cover, and establishes any rules or themes they want. The following month, we mail our book to the next person in the Round Robin. Artists have one month to fill a spread with their art and then mail it to the next person. At the end, the book is returned to its creator filled with art from the participants. We have a lot of fun and I’ve learned  a lot from these creatives. The last time I had my mom’s book, I created this super cool collage page. It’s a mixed media piece with many tiny bits of torn paper. I used magazines, text paper, Gelli prints, and some scrapbook paper which I then painted with Golden acrylic paints. Save Read more

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